Our Story

Our Goals Are Simple

zSleep believes in providing our customers will exceptional products without all the gimmicks. zSleep has partnered with some of today’s top brand names to bring our customers the latest advancements in sleep technology and superior products. All of our products are Made in the United States. We made sure we were offering our customers the best, by paying close attention to details and craftsmanship. Our product offerings are made with the highest quality materials. Our prices are the most affordable on the market. We did all the work so our customers don’t have to.

  • High Quality Products 100%
  • Efficiency 100%
  • Fast Delivery 100%


Our goal is to provide our customers with the maximum in comfort.  We want you to sleep easy knowing your mattress was designed and assemble with the highest quality materials.   We are committed to ensuring our customers get the best quality sleep.


We strive to provide our customers with top of line mattresses, by using the latest advancement in sleep technology.  Our mattresses are created to provide the ultimate in sleep comfort and best in value.


Our mission is to provide our customers with top quality and affordable organic mattresses. Being environmentally conscious and pledging to protect the planet is our way of doing our part.  

Customer Happiness

We go above and beyond for our customers.  We make sure that a member of our expert team is available at all times to answer and provide assistance with helping you finalize your purchase. We understand the difficulties of shopping online and we want to ensure we are doing our best for you!

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